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A Sonoma Garden


My new e-booklet is just out:
Simple Handcrafted Body Care.
If you like this recipe, you’re going to love the booklet!

About three weeks ago our daughter (still so strange to say ‘daughter’ after 6 years of having only boys!) started developing eczema, just like our boys did as babies. Our oldest didn’t have it all that bad, just around his ankles and elbows, our second son had it much worse. He had it all over his face, arms and legs. I tried everything for him and what worked best was my homemade lotion. Strangely enough what cured his eczema for good was going to Kauai and taking him off cows milk during the trip. I had read that cows milk sometimes either causes eczema or worsens it and I’m sure the humidity of the Hawaiian islands helped a lot. Even though our Sonoma air is quite arid, his…

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Your COLD MARKET could be your GOLDMINE

Until this last year, I was totally incapable of blogging. I am mildly A.D.D. and all that goes with that. As I began to research this “thing” that I have, I came to realize that most sales people are A.D.D. and they either just don’t admit it or are totally oblivious. So, I felt “normal” again. Hey, if most sales people have some form of A.D.D., bring on the sales.

This week as I spoke with two different individuals about having home based businesses, I heard from both the male and the female, “I don’t know anyone.” Seriously, that is so hard to believe.” I bet if you won the lottery, you would find out just how many people you do know. Or, if you bought a home in Hawaii, everyone would be visiting you. Who are those people?

When I hear someone say, “I don’t know anybody,” I ALWAYS stick out my hand and say, “hi, my name is Susan and I’m always looking for new friends.” Just an icebreaker for me and everyone knows that I like new friends. Some of my best friends, I met on a plane or on vacation or at the mall, and we stay in contact.

This week I met two total strangers, one in the atrium of the college I attend and one at a part time job. As we began a short conversation, both of them commented on my jewelry. One of my income streams is selling jewelry with a well known jewelry company. I asked if they would like to host a show and both of them said, YES!

Sometimes we get disappointed in our family and close friends because they don’t jump on the boat to support us in our business adventures. That doesn’t mean that they won’t, it just means that this is not yet the right timing for them. So, move on to those that are happy to do business with you. Develop relationships with these new people and get to know their friends and grow your warm market.

Your cold market could be your goldmine!

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